Shopping in Phuket

Phuket, the shopping paradise for tourist.

Shopping Mall

Robinson  Department Store, in Phuket have 2 branches located in 2 locations.

Robinson Department Store, Phuket town branch, locate at 36 Tilok-U-Thit 1 Road, T. Taladyai Phuket, Thailand. Service hours 10.30-22.00 hours 7 days a week. Robinson Phuket Town is probably one of the oldest department stores in Phuket, and with it’s central location next to ocean shopping mall, paradise complex cinema, pizza company and swensens ice cream parlor it makes up the city centre of Phuket Town, where everything is more or less in walking distance. Even if it’s been here for quite a while it’s constantly being improved, to keep attracting customers, and not to say that the prices are often better here than in the new fancier malls.

It’s four floors high, and on the first floor you got KFC and a bakery shop, and the tops supermarket that takes up most of the space, siam commercial bank has a office here, and there is a few ATM’s here for your convenience. The second floor has mostly facial products, make up and perfume, then you got the ladies wear, next floor is for men’s wear, children’s wear and toys. There is a Super Sports shop located at the top floor with the food court.

Robinson Department Store, Jung Cylon branch, locate in Jung Cylon at Patong breach. Robinson's downstairs majors in perfumes, cosmetics, watches and timepieces. The brand names featured here are Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Clinique, H20+, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Revlon and Paul Smith. The watches are mostly Japanese and are of middle-range quality.

Upstairs, Robinson features women's shoes and accessories, and probably the biggest selection of women's underwear in Thailand – certainly the largest in Phuket. Further through is a very attractive child's clothing section which, predictably enough leads to the toy department. To one side here you will find an interesting collection of pewter goods; vases, cups, cigarette lighter covers and souvenir plaques as well as salt and pepper shakers, all at reasonable prices.

You'll also find a household appliance department here as well as a sensibly priced men's shoe section – this appears to be a bargain area in Thailand and Robinson features shoes with labels such as Pierre Cardin, Lacoste, Matino, and Polo.


Ocean shopping mall, in Phuket Town, almost next door to Robinsons on Tilok Uthit 1 Road is Ocean Shopping Mall. This is a down-market shopping mall where you can find some good quality goods at very reasonable prices. It contains mostly clothing stores but you can also find CDs, souvenirs, toys, telephones and more. 

The building includes a multiplex cinema which has some English language screenings with Thai subtitles. There is also a ten-pin bowling alley, games arcade, karaoke booths, a children's play area and a few restaurants.



Central Festival Phuket is an air-conditioned, fully equipped shopping mall lying just outside of Phuket Town. If you are coming from Patong, Central lies on your left, before the main crossroads as you enter Phuket.

CENTRAL Fastival PHUKET is the largest shopping venue that provides visitors from around the world with a wide variety of world class brands and services.  The Central Festival Phuket shopping complex houses many famous retails shop such as Zara, La Coste, etc, a world class movie theatre, leading beauty salons, banking zone, hobby and Jewelry shops, making it a perfect one-stop shopping destination. 


Big C Super Center Phuket, was built a few years and located on Chalermprakead  road, just within walking distance, it’s also just next to Central Festival Phuket, Big C Super  Center Phuket has a SuperMarket and a Shopping Mall. The SuperMarket is pretty much up to standard of what you can expect from a supermarket.

Big C got 20,000 square meters of space, it’s own indoor parking garage, which is great if it’s raining heavily, and Big C is open daily from 9am to 12pm.

The More interesting parts of Big-C is probably the Shopping Mall, It’s a three story there is plenty of Shops here selling all from the latest electronic goods like computers, mobile phones and TV’s, to fashion, glasses, books.

There is a food court here if you get hungry, and if that is not enough, you got MK Restaurants, KFC Chicken, Mr. Doughnut, Chesters Grill and so on…

There is plenty of shops here like mostly caters towards IT like Banana IT and plenty of mobile phone shops like Dtac Shop.

On The top floor you got a ten pin bowling alley, and another IT shop. This one of the bigger shopping centers in Phuket, and is well worth a visit, especially since it’s very centrally located and near Central Festival Phuket and Tesco Lotus Phuket and Phuket Mall. The prices are good, and you can easily find a parking spot indoors. Open Hours are between 9am to 12pm.



Tesco Lotus

Tesco Lotus Phuket, and Phuket Mall, and HomePro is all located in the same building that once was just Tesco Lotus Phuket, about ten years ago, then with the addition of Phuket Mall and HomePro this is still one of the most popular supermarkets in Phuket. One thing that is great about Tesco Lotus Phuket is probably that the queue at the checkouts never grow very big, and service is always top. The selection of groceries is alright and the prices are great.

Phuket Mall is a section of it’s own, and in the same part of the building you also have HomePro located.

In Phuket Mall you can find the usual shops and restaurants, in case you are the mood for some food, or just a little snack, you got Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, SP Simply delicious, Dairy Queen Ice Cream, Dunkin Donuts, Santa fe Steak, Swensens Ice Cream, Black Canyon Coffee, McDonald’s, The Pizza Company, MK Restaurants and if you plan to pick up some wine for later, you got the Wine Gallery.

If you are clothes shopping you have Adidas, Puma, Mc Fashion, Ten & Co, Pena House, Haas and some other clothe shops. In case you need a haircut, you got Chakrit Hair Studio. KT Optic in case you need to get a pair of glasses. Boots and Watsons Pharmacy that sells mostly everything pharmacy and hygiene related.

There is a few electronic shops here like iTree, i-mobile, Telewiz and The Future.

If you are looking for something to decorate your house with you should visit Nutcha Decor, Naree Ceramic and North-home Shop.

Here you have a lot of small stalls that sell all kinds of goods, you got the games shop for kids or the never growing old adults, toys, and musical instruments. You got Point to here if you are interested in renting some movies, or if books are more up your alley you got SE-ED Book Center.

For the girls there is Beauty Buffer and Miss collection, if you like makeup and nice shiny things. For the boys you got The Games Never Dried.

There is a section of Banks here, LH Bank, Bank of Ayudhya, Kasikorn Bank, Thanachart Bank, Siam Commercial Bank and Bangkok Bank.

There is a second floor where a great Food Court is located, with an entertainment zone featuring video games and karaoke booths, and a few shops.

Opening hour for Tesco Lotus in now 8am to 23 pm, Phuket Mall keeps open between 10am to 10pm. Tesco Lotus Phuket and Phuket Mall is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for great prices. Tesco Lotus Phuket is located on the Bypass Road, near Central Festival and Big-C.

Index Living Mall

Index Living Mall Phuket is located on the same road as Big C PhuketHomeWorks PhuketCentral Festival Phuket and SB Design Mall, this makes it easy to pay it a visit. Just like HomeWorks Phuket, Index Living Mall Phuket targets shoppers looking to improve their living, mainly with furniture and all the accessories that goes with a good home.

Index Living Mall Phuket have two floors, the first floor is dedicated to shops selling goods, a restaurant Oishi Japanese Buffet, a small coffee shop, and Amway that sells health products. And the second floor is dedicated to the Index Phuket itself, here you can find all kinds of household and furnitures.

In Index Living Mall Phuket you will find the following shops and brands, Winner, Trend Design, Logica Office Furniture, Theraflex, 3D Designer Service. They constantly have good bargains on furniture and accessories, so if you are interested in these items, you should visit here once in a while to keep you updated.

Jung Ceylon

Standing downtown, diagonally opposite Bangla Road, the Jungceylon Shopping Complex has radically changed the face of shopping in Patong. The two main stores in the complex are Robinson - a gleaming well-lit upper end department store, and Big C supermarket.

The 200-plus other stores in this shopping heaven sell brand-name clothes, spectacles, sunglasses, colognes and perfumes, shoes, DVD-CD-VCD's, computer games, electrical goods, pewter, gold and silver, sportswear and goods amongst myriad other items.

But Jungceylon is more than just shopping, here you can also enjoy all sorts of food and drinks in the many restaurants. And then there is the SF Cinema City and SF Strike Bowl. You have the Famous Nightclub, and Famous rooftop beach club. Mario Land isPatong’s biggest game zone, for the kids and teens, and the forever young adults. Shell World Museum is also located here at the ground floor in the Sino Phuket zone. And besides the normal SF Cinema City, there is an XD Theather here bringing you a 4D motion ride experience. Restaurants here not to miss would be D Wine, Starbucks Coffee, Joe Louis Thai Restaurant, The Coffee Club, Seoul Barbecue, Shabu Shi and the Wine Connection.

Ocean Shopping Mall,

Ocean Shopping Mall, in Phuket Town is located on Tilok-U-Thit 1 Road just next to Robinsons Department Store. It’s not just a place for shopping at great prices, there is also plenty of restaurants and entertainment facilities here, like the bowling alley, the arcade zone and the multiplex theater, paradise complex.

Premium Outlet

The Premium outlet village opened in mid 2009 and has become one of the latest additions to the vast array of venues in Phuket where you can buy inexpensive branded clothing. The buildings are styled much like outlets you might come across in the US and elsewhere, but it’s probably not worth a special trip unless you happen to be in the local area. However, there are a few bargains available if you look hard enough.

Each brand name is represented by its own store, but you have to walk outdoors to get between shops which can be tiresome on a hot day or when it’s raining. Labels such as Reebok, Nike, Levis, Adidas, Pierre Cardin and Quicksilver are sold at prices quite a bit below what you can find abroad, but it’s probably just as easy to pick up a bargain at Central and enjoy the air-conditioning.

There are a few outlets that devoted to children with clothes, toys (from the famous Ben10 to Warner Bros’s merchandise) and more. Golfers, don’t miss a chance to shop for professional equipment, accessories and apparel brands at Golf Challenge - the biggest specialty golf store in Thailand. For those looking for Thai handicraft and souvenirs, look no further than the Tha Chang Shop. It features a good selection of silver cutlery, woodworks, shell products, handbags, cotton and silk sarongs as well as scarves.

Local market

Weekend market

Phuket weekend market in Phuket Town is now days located on Chao Fa West Road just a bit south of Phuket Central Festival, it’s actually just a 10 minute walk. The weekend market hosts all kinds of food, items and clothes. Here you can find anything from second hand stuff to brand new beach wear, that includes pirated items. There is also a section here where you can get a new pet, a myriad of animals are readily available. The best time to arrive to the market is around 4 pm, as that is when it’s just getting ready, and you can browse around a bit before it’s getting to crowded.

The Market is not all about shopping, you can get some great meals here, as there is a lot of local food available. And also if you just fancy something to chew on while shopping, there is plenty of food stalls where you can buy some of your favorite snacks.

There is probably more than enough items available here, and if you come to Phuket for some shopping, this is probably a good place to start, to get a feel of prices, you will get better bargain here that on any beach, for the same item. There is plenty of pirated CD, DVD and Blu-ray available here.

The market is divided into two major sections, one a bit more covered with a big roof. This section has mainly second hand items; here you can find very good prices for quite good value, if you don’t mind second hand stuff.

The other section of the market is a bit more open air, even if it is pretty much cowered these days, so you won’t have to worry in case it starts raining. In section there are mainly new brand items available, all from shoes, jewelry, bags, watches, and tons with clothes of all brands like Diesel and Billabong at very reasonable prices compared to the shopping malls.

The Phuket Weekend Marked is also known as Talad Tai Rot and Chao Fa Market. There is plenty of parking space, but it can get hard to find a spot if you arrive to late in the afternoon, so if you can try to arrive around 4pm.

Even if you don’t plan to do too much shopping, you can always come here for the food, the drinks, and the atmosphere. This is definitely one of those places one should not miss on a visit to Phuket.

The market is open Saturday and Sunday from 4pm to 10pm. It is worth getting there early as it gets very busy later in the evening. It will take an hour to walk round even if you are not shopping.

Expo market

Expo Market, is a huge indoor clothes and accessories market in Phuket Town. The Expo Shopping Market is Open daily during normal hours, and here you can find just about anything related to the current fashion, even if mostly catering towards teen and children, it’s a great place to start your shopping spree, keep in mind that the target group for this market is bargain hunters, without a particular brand in mind. Teenager will simply love the place, and since the prices here are very good compared to what you would pay elsewhere, you should consider visiting this while in Phuket Town.

You won’t find only clothes here, there is some other handicrafts and fun stuff to browse, so be sure the teen boys will have their fun also. Clothes and goods are usually “imported” via Bangkok directly, so that’s how they keep the prices down, and the constant flow of new fresh looks and things.

There is a food court here if you happen to get hungry, there is also plenty of shops nearby, and Ocean Shopping Mall Phuket & Robinson Department Store are just a block away.

Banzaan Market

Banzaan Market in Patong Beach is a great experience during your holiday... it is a lot easier to access than local markets since it is located just behind the huge Jungceylon Shopping Mall. Get your first glimpse of fun looking Thai fruits, amazing fishes, strange veggies and colorful sweets!


Banzaan Market (‘banzaan’ means 'fresh market' in Hokkien) is very clean and bright, it might lack a bit of the local feel you get in other fresh markets on the island, but foods on display is of very good quality and offers a wider variety as well. A good way to start on the first days and try to get to a real local one later. Banzaan Market is open all day but it's a lot nicer to come in the morning, even at 10 or 11 am shelves are still well supplied.


The ground floor is where all the fresh food is. As most markets, the place is divided in zones: fruits,  veggies, meat, fish and all the cooking ingredients. People are friendly and often speak a bit of English. This will be your chance to see a lot of unusual Thai fruits, so don't hesitate to buy some funny looking ones and try them. Except the Jack Fruit and the well known Durian, all other fruits, even scary or weird looking one like the Dragon fruit, the Salai or the Custard Apple are sweet and don't taste strong.


Veggies corner is always fascinating with so many unknown species of plants that often resemble more like weed. You might recognize the several ingredients used in the popular Tom Yam or Tom Ka: Lemongrass, Galangal and Kafir lime.


Meat corner is probably not as popular as the fish area, but looks a lot more hygienic than in Phuket town market or local village markets. Despite their 'raw' display, meat sold in markets is often fresher than the one found in 'better presented' supermarkets.


The fish corner is also interesting with, a large variety of very fresh looking fishes and seafood, but what catches the eye most are the live hanging crabs endlessly swimming in the air suspended by a string, the eels and catfish are still frantically swimming in their buckets and the cockle shells might spit at you is you stare at them too long.


A set of escalators takes you upstairs where you will find a food court, but only half the stalls seem to be used. The Hemingway restaurant downstairs seems to be a lot more successful. One corner of the second floor sells unbranded cloths and jeans.


On your way in or out, have a look at the colourful little Chinese shrine, people often miss it, but it's kind of cute.


At night the street surrounding the Banzaan market becomes a huge night market where you can buy food, sweets or drink from dozen of food carts.

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