Khao Sok Discovery

Travel to Experience

Tourism is a part of life that we all can remember with a feeling of happiness inspired by nature. A beautiful terrain is important for good tourism. A forest should have several kinds of plants and animals and also picturesque mountain scenery. 

In the south of Thailand there is a large forest known as “ Khao Sok”. Khao Sok is a beautiful national park and is home to many kinds of plants and animals. The landscape is suitable for varioustourism activities. We can say that “It is a land of beautiful nature”.

Khao Sok Discovery is founded by the inspiration and with a number of reasons created by big city that pushed us to make change and look for something or other to balance the lives after having spent time in big city that is full of confusions and uncertainties besides other reasons that are hard to find in materialism world. There are also several repid changes which we cannot prevent, but we are able to choose how to implement and carry out. Dream is a mean that nourishes mental and likens a “compass” that took me to do things that I have wanted to loosen myself from confinement of present unavoidable world. Khao Sok Discovery is just only a little motivation that will bring you back to a basic of life, to learn about nature and how wildlife are living in their habitat. Just only touch and learn about them once in a lifetime is a great opportunity for you. 

There are many travel and sightseeing spots in Khao Sok for you trips and tours, such as large limestone mountains, great waterfalls, breathtaking rivers, deep valleys, spectacular wide lakes, stunning stone caves, a good variety of wild (48 mammal species and 187 bird species), and wild animal life.  Climate in Khao Sok is the great place for jungle safari lovers .

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