Phuket Nightlife

Phuket Nightlife

Phuket at night have so many thing to do, depend on your desire.

Sexy show, bar beer

Bang La road, Patong Beach

Almost all of the bars are outdoors so the music from each one is deafening! Beers Bar occupy most of the street's length, with several a-go-gos and a few pubs, restaurants, discos and shops rounding out the attractions both on Bangla and down its side streets.

Soi Crocodile

Also known as 'Soi Katoey' for the prominent stage where ladyboys shake everything they've got (and some things that were just recently added). This is the most consistently busy of the bar sois and even on a weeknight in low season there are plenty of punters around.

Soi Easy

Best known for the upstairs Aussie Bar, which attracts a faithful crowd of... Australians, Soi Easy is the bar soi closest to the beach on Bangla Road.

A two storey complex of flashing neon and loud music, Soi Easy has about 25 different bars to choose from but the aforementioned Aussie Bar and Hollywood Disco are the main hotspots to check out. Check out 'The Secret' at the end of the soi with, an upmarket Go Go bar with a show trying something a bit more sophisticated.

Soi Eric

Run by a professional and well-organized management team from Europe, Soi Eric has done a good job of bringing order from chaos. The first thing you notice is that Soi Eric doesn't sound like battle of the bands. There is one DJ who plays the records for the entire street, which cuts down on some of the noise and confusion of the other sois.

Soi Gonzo

Next to Soi Easy you'll find Soi Gonzo, a cool little place that often gets overlooked between the neon of Easy and the ladboys of Soi Crocodile.

Soi Gonzo is the place to go to enjoy all the enticements of Bangla Road without having to deal with the crowds. There are maybe ten bars on Soi Gonzo, such as the interesting-looking Black Cat, but the perennial favourite is The Wet Spot, the friendliest bar on the soi.

Soi Lion

Located between Soi Tiger and Soi Seadragon, Soi Lion is currently under renovation or about to be replaced. Some of the popular bars from Soi Lion, such as the Stockholm Bar, have moved to Soi Sansabai, the street opposite of Soi Bangla, across Rat U This Road.

Soi Seadragon

Soi Seadragon has entirely been redesigned and rebuilt, featuring now two levels of beer bars in the central lane. A unique sound system cover the whole area and light effects are playing on the giant roof that now protect the full street. Lined on both sides with a lot of new go-go bars, and some others more known, Soi Seadragon is the place to go to watch scantily clad maidens shake what they've got for all they're worth. Places like Playschool A-Go-Go, Devil's Playground (our recommendation) and the famous Suzy Wong's A Go Go, Exotica offer plenty of eye candy, while those who would rather have a beer and a chat will find a home at Two Brothers, Crow's Nest and Mickey Mouse.

Soi Sukhumvit (on Rat U Thit Road)

Named after Bangkok's Broadway, Soi Sukhumvit Road is technically not off of Bangla, being accessed from Rat-U-Thit Road right where it meets Bangla. This two level complex is a fairly recent addition and was known for years as Soi Moodies. This place has yet to take off like the rest of the bar sois, so it's a good place to relax and have some pizza or play a game of pool.

The Night Station is the biggest bar on the soi, and features lots of attractive go-go dancers who tend to show off a bit more than is strictly legal in Patong. It seems that with less people around they are willing to do a bit more to get your attention. This place also features a unified sound system to avoid the cacophony that is all too common in bar.

Soi Tiger

Underneath the outrageous edifice that is Tiger Disco there are perhaps two dozen bars that make preludes or interludes to a night of boogie action. One of the few sois that is completely roofed, Tiger gets pretty steamy and crowded and the best refuge from a sudden rain squall.

The lines that divide one bar from another are even more vague here and it sometimes feels like one huge party. Sharky Bar, out front is always popular (it might have something to do with the girls in schoolgirl outfits dancing on the bar) and Hot Rock is like a go-go bar without the huge drink prices.

Soi Vegus

in Soi Vegas, Cocktails & Dreams feature flamboyant ladyboys dancing on a stage, competing with Money Night A Go Go,  and an unusual Russian A Go Go called Moulin Rouge . On both sides several new snooker rooms opened lately as well as Seduction, a popular Discotheque, and Roxy A Go Go, a Go Go Bar a bit more sophisticated than others. Start the night in an unusual way with a Vodka shot served in a glass made of ice at the Ice Bar. Temperature varies between -15˚C to -20˚C, and no jacket is provided. See if you can last longer than the waitress in their short dress.

Night Clubs

Banana Disco

The oldest and one of the most popular discos in Patong still packs em' in after 10 years! An outdoor bar area directly in front of the air-conditioned disco, usually has a live band until around 11pm, and makes an ideal venue to survey the talent before before getting up-close-and-personal inside.

Despite the crowds (especially around midnight) Banana rarely has any trouble, mainly due to good music, efficient bar staff and strict ID policy that keeps the very young out.

Baya Beach Night Club



One of Patong's original hot spots, Baya Beach always seems to be celebrating a party of some sort! The entrance is often covered in balloons and the girls appeal to male egos by wearing outfits last seen on Barbie in the 90's. Baya is a kind of legendary mini-disco and party place which you either love or hate.

Hollywood Disco

Open just a few years back, Hollywood has made its name as one of the best clubs in Patong. It features two rooms with different designs and themes as well as music. Be entertained not only by the in-house deejays and few famous names from Bangkok and overseas. Games and prizes are part of a fun night out at Hollywood and they occasionally give away big prizes such as motorcycles and TVs.

Seduction Discotheque

Seduction Discotheque has raised the bar for disco's in Patong. Located at the northern end of Soi Bangla, to find it you just have to look for the red carpet that leads to the door! Big name DJ's from Bangkok and around the world play here on occasion, one of which is Judge Jules (UK).

A mixed Thai and tourist crowd packs the club most nights of the week to party to whatever's hot with an R&B theme on the first floor and house/dance on the second, a vivacious atmosphere is virtually guaranteed. Swanky décor includes colour changing chandeliers which hang above the bars, on the second floor the circular DJ booth is raised up in the middle of the dance floor which also has palm trees dotted around. Unusually for a disco the even the toilets are plush and clean.

Tai Pan

Tai Pan is a combination of a pub, bar and a club with live music (pop/rock) from 21:45 until almost midnight, then the place turns into a disco (no entry fee). They have games, prizes, and pole dancing and the crowd is made up equally of expats and tourists.

Tiger Disco and Bars

Enter the slightly surreal world of Tiger! Crouching tigers and a fantastic hooded cobra mark the entrance to this extravagant entertainment venue just off Soi Bangla. It's like entering a set from the Flintstones!

Downstairs, the bars offering a platter of groovy music and pole dancers draw in a mixed international crowd looking for a party! Designed like a colourful and rather bizarre cave, outdoor bars like the Hot Rock Bar occupy the main ground level while the disco located an upper floor above the bars is usually packed most nights of the week. Hang around the bars and be entertained by the girls. Located Soi Bangla.

White Room Disco

A small but popular disco at the very end of Soi Gonzo in Bangla. It can get crowded, mostly with Australian, after 11pm.

Live Music

Banana Bar

Banana Bar is an open-air pub & restaurant and a part of Patong Beach Hotel. On the Beach Road, towards Soi Bangla and just outside Banana Disco, (a tremendously popular venue), Banana Bar offers live music nightly by the popular Sandman Band as well as an Elvis Show every Friday night from 20:30 – 21:30. Booking in advance in high season is recommended. 

Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock is the latest addition to the Patong live music scene and is located on the Rat-U-Thit/Ruamjai Road corner adjacent to Courtyard Marriott Resort at the southern end of Patong. Situated on a 1,330sqm site, Hard Rock offers a 300-seater restaurant and bar area, patio seating and their signature retail Rock Shop which houses some impressive memorabilia from famous stars such as Madonna, Elvis Presley and Guns N’ Roses. Join them for nightly music from 20:50 till 01:30. Food & drinks can be on the expensive side but they offer regular ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ drink deals to those who join in on their ‘talent games’. Be brave and get up on stage: life’s cheaper that way.

Molly Malone’s

Molly Malone’s is still going strong after more than a decade of delivering Guinness, Kilkenny pub food and good, semi-acoustic music. Expect jigs and reels and plenty of good-natured humour from talented musicians. Live music nightly from 22:00 onward except Sundays.

Red Hot (formerly Margarita’s)

Red Hot (formerly Margarita’s) is a step above the usual Bangla brashness and is a perfect place to people-watch and listen to live bands playing every evening from 19:30 onwards. With food, TV and a pool table. 

The Port

Further north, The Port at Banthai Beach Resort has nightly live performances that usually get people up and dancing, even though it’s more of a dining location. Filipino and even African acts perform there. 

Rock City

If you love rock, this is the place to be or if you just want to have great time, then this place guarantees a fun night out. Rock City has two levels inside and is usually filled with a younger crowd. Tribute bands handle all sorts of rock, old and new throughout the night. There is an entrance fee of 100 baht (‘band charge’ as the sign out front claims). Drinks are on the expensive side. 

Scruffy Murphy’s

Scruffy Murphy’s is more than just a place to get cold Guinness and pub food or to watch a live band. Since opening its doors in 2001, it has become a popular hangout for tourists including couples with young kids. Live music nightly, except Sundays by Neil & the Red Hot Potatoes from 22:00 onward. Scruffy's probably has the longest happy hour in town.

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