The History of Phuket Phuket is an island that is a certain stream. Discovered by fishermen. Originally called the "Bukit", the Malay means hill. When viewed from the sea. It's like a mountain. But rising water that flows from the Phuket ", Phu Package" means a mountain. This package has it that the mountain. In that document, Thalang. Used since the year 1785 as a city. A report to Thalang. Which this term has been changed to "Beach" by unknown. Have appeared in the Gazette from 1907 onwards started to be known as the Phuket province during the reign of the fifth, and it is. Phuket later.
Evolution of Phuket. There are several stages together. Since prehistoric times. I have seen the evidence. The historic stone tools and stone axes at Kamala, Kathu by investigation. Keeping in mind that such evidence. At least 3,000 years ago, so it can be concluded that The island is inhabited. From early modern history.

In the ancient Greek kingdom. It is said to Phuket. On behalf of the Cape Jungceylon. The map of Ptolemy. (Greek geographer), which assumes that While there have Phuket as the cape on the mainland. Ground before the mouth. (Channel between Phuket and Phang Nga province) will be eroded until it shows a lack of Phuket. Known at the time of booking it. On behalf of the Cape Jungceylon.

Phuket is an urban settlement. Of the kingdom. Steadily from about 800 from Century a kingdom along with the link. Srivijaya empire. Mr. Thammarat Empire. Sukhothai. Ayutthaya. Until a province. In Thailand. Through a variety of events. Since an important port. Transportation between airport. And the Indian subcontinent. Main center. In the trade - tin mining. And now a tourist destination. The world famous.

Wichita district. With an area of approximately 56 square miles or about 35,000 acres.
North: Ratsada district, Kathu Municipality.
South: Tambon Chalong, Phuket.
SE: Phuket Municipality.
West: City of Amsterdam.

Some of community and association for more information are as below.

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